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Looking for my review of 1923 Bourbon & Burlesque at the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas? Cigars and a deep bourbon list with a Holly Madison-produced burlesque show on the Strip.

Sex sells in Vegas, 24 -7. It isn’t hard to find a joint in this town with a choice selection of “professional women.” Sure, these places are friendly enough. You can get a good seat right up front with no problem, as long as you have the cash. I know lots of guys bring their top clients into these places, to get them all buttered up to pitch the next deal.  But it’s hard getting their attention when every woman in the place keeps sashaying up, wondering if a fella wants to buy a dance, or buy them a drink. It is fun all right, got to love the ladies, but it’s hard to get a word in with my guys or to talk business.

I’m feeling ambitious. So, I ask myself, where is this happy medium? I need someplace a bit on the classier side, with something more to offer than a lap dance and a watered-down drink. I needed a meeting point, a place with edginess, female entertainers and fun.

After a few rounds of blackjack with my boys at the Mandalay Bay casino one Saturday evening, we decide to take a breather from the tables and go in search of a little fun. I am looking for a new go-to spot; a venue for a guys’ night or to bring my best clients. Walking into 1923 Bourbon & Burlesque, I notice the place is artsy, classy, has nice décor. The menu features good cigars and, as the name suggests, some serious bourbon. This joint is a little on the down-low, and that’s good. Located just off the casino floor in the Mandalay Bay resort, on the way to the shopping corridor, they keep a doorman at the hidden entrance to keep the riff-raff out. A gentleman needs to be wearing something nice, looking like he has something in his pockets if he wants to get in.

There is great music inside, nice jazz numbers. My boys and I conclude that the joint is even respectable enough for the guys to bring their wives in, if you’re looking for a little edgier date night. The dancers’ routines have choreographed dancing on the bar and on the stage up front, and the ladies love to see a show in Vegas.

1923 Bourbon & Burlesque has some elements that make it sexy and fun enough to break the ice. The customers and the servers aren’t uptight, and it’s comfortable with nice chairs and furnishings and great service. Hanging out there sure gave the boys a few laughs and some eye candy in a more respectable joint than the “Gentlemen’s Clubs” off-strip. The original show was produced by Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner’s former fiancé, and the acts come out several times a night. Holly is a sexy, stunning woman, and the girls she selected to star in the routines are just as gorgeous and talented.

More off-the-beaten-path compared to the massive nightclubs on the Strip, this is a great place to hang out with my guys, get reacquainted and share a few stock tips. It is nice to square off with good bourbon on the rocks and a cigar. Add that to all those beautiful women dancing their hearts out, and my boys and I decide we’ve found a new favorite in Vegas.

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