Looking for my review of The Bourbon Room Las Vegas? It’s an 80s rock-themed bar serving great bourbons with a fun dance floor late at night.

I nearly found The Bourbon Room by accident one afternoon while in search of a designer handbag at Barney's New York in The Grand Canal Shoppes of The Venetian Las Vegas. Unfortunately, they were out of stock, so I was referred to a boutique at The Palazzo. Tucked away on the edge of Venetian's casino floor near the walkways leading to Palazzo, I spotted The Bourbon Room. Walking in out of curiosity, I noticed the bar served the favorite bourbon of a potential client at my day job in the pharmaceutical industry.

Hoping to sway the prospect with his drink of choice, I scheduled a meeting with him at the bar for later that week. The client, Todd, was a blue-collar worker turned entrepreneur with a patent on an up-and-coming product my company was eager to sell. 

I was willing to attempt anything to earn Todd's business. Extensive research indicated Todd was once a tour manager for a rock band – the perfect demographic for The Bourbon Room. I knew he would enjoy the musical aspects, at the least.

We met around 8 p.m. I could instantly tell he was impressed with my knowledge of his background, especially when I ordered a bottle of Bernheim, his beloved wheat whiskey. The mark-up was insane, nearly eight times as much as it would retail for at a local liquor distributor. Yet, I didn't expect anything less at a luxury resort, and there aren’t too many low-key places on the Strip with a whiskey selection this good.

Todd knew we were there for business, but I merely flirted with the idea of my company's proposal as I danced around the obvious by asking about his past career touring with the local rock band. He spoke of it with passion, fondly reminiscing as we sipped our Bernheim and casually watched classic rock videos of KISS, Guns ‘n Roses, and Mick Jagger on the surrounding projector screens. 

The bar was inspired by a club featured in the Broadway hit, Rock of Ages, which is now conveniently showcasing at the Venetian. Todd commented that the show's producers did not quite capture the essence of the Sunset Strip, yet he would pardon them if they had anything to do with this bar. He was intrigued.

As much as The Bourbon Room wasn't my scene, I figure it would appeal to a 35+ crowd. It was snug and casual, yet rough around the edges, much like Todd himself. The crowd began to grow around 9:30 p.m. As we savored our Bernheim, Todd mentioned he had a board meeting the following morning and that he hoped to begin negotiations with my company within a week. My mission was accomplished, thanks to a bottle of bourbon.

As we left, I noticed the crowd was getting rowdier, with a good-sized group of thirty- and forty-somethings out on the dance floor.  I saw another couple coming out of a cleverly-placed photo booth near the bar. Waitresses stopped serving every now and then and performed on stage.  80s hair rock classics never sounded so good.

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