Looking for my review of the Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas? Sexy three-level lobby bar situated inside an enormous chandelier.

Saturday nights are always a success when I'm able to convince my friends to lounge. Tonight's victory was the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas instead of Marquee, the casino’s mega-club. When seating is guaranteed, I always throw on my highest heels, attracting more than a few interested gentlemen. Confidence is such an aphrodisiac.

Tonight, however, my finicky friends kept alternating between the lounge’s three levels, which are connected by a modern spiral staircase winding around inside a literal giant chandelier at the center of the Cosmopolitan. It was a less than ideal situation for me and my stilettos. I wobbled up and down the steps, hoping not to embarrass myself. Of course, we couldn’t just be simple and take the escalators or elevators. I swear my friend, Jocelyn, did it only to be seen. She was recently promoted at her job, and she craved everyone's undivided attention.

We lapped the first level to allow Jocelyn the consideration she felt she deserved, which paid off when a group of gentlemen offered to buy us our first round of cocktails. Unfortunately, we were on the busiest floor and the drink ordering process ended up taking entirely too long. As we kept up our attempts to appear vaguely entertained by the fellows, I steadily became annoyed by the first level's crowd. They were young and loud – party-goers making pit stops to and from the nearby nightclub – and they were overcrowding the bar.


We finally broke free of our gentlemen suitors and glided up the staircase to the second level. This was more my style. It was sophisticated and the vibe was chill, yet still hip. Next was the third level, which seemed to be the most intimate. It was a small space with dim lighting. Couples and groups of ladies were tucked away at secluded tables.

The music was unmemorable. The Chandelier Bar did not seem to encourage or inspire much movement, especially not in the form of dancing. It is the type of place to sip, chat, and look cool. Everyone seemed to move in a slow and suave manner, especially on the second story. The cocktails were good and were poured with care, even if you had to wait a bit to get one in your hand. Not one soul was in a rush. We were all settling in and getting comfortable for the evening. This was my ideal situation for a girl’s night out.

Between the nonchalant atmosphere, dazzling decor, and cozy velvet cushions, I was at home. 

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