Want my Gilley’s Las Vegas Review? Country bar with big dance floor to go Boot Scootin’.

It’s Thirsty Thursday, the hosted Ladies’ Night at Gilley’s Las Vegas. After the week I’ve been having, I’m ready to drink to my heart’s content. I round up the ladies, equipped with our little black dresses and best pair of polished boots, and we head to the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino for an adventure we don’t normally have. Gilley’s has a thing for themes, so we knew we would instantly stand out in our skin-tight dresses and cowboy-inspired footwear.

At Gilley’s I don’t have the advantage of a host. Entry is based on a first come, first served basis, which can be a headache. After circling the venue for nearly half an hour in search of a seat, we grow impatient, agreeing that at least we are happy the heels on our boots aren’t as high as our stilettos. We also realize that we are the youngest and most diverse group in the joint, as we shove through crowds of what seems to be largely middle-aged Southerners and Midwesterners.  

Suddenly, my girlfriends & I hear trembling roars and outrageous shrieks coming from the opposite side of the room. It sounds like someone has enough liquid courage to ride the mechanical bull. As annoyed as I am at the moment, who can frown while watching intoxicated individuals desperately try to hold on for their dear lives? It’s the epitome of entertainment, and we soon join in on the ruckus.

Through the smoke and smell of liquor, there is a faint scent of BBQ. We finally find a table, but as appetizing as the food looks, I do not want to ruin my manicure with finger-licking entrees. We resort to sharing a plate of starters to even out our liquor intake after realizing we lost count of what round we are on. The place just has this high energy, let-loose atmosphere that causes you to forget your inhibitions. Pretty soon we are on the dance floor pretending we know a thing or two about line dancing.

So my Gilley’s Las Vegas review can be summed up like this: Gilley’s is no premiere nightclub, but my friends and I were looking for something different tonight. This country-inspired adult playground features live bands, karaoke, line dancing, and bikini bull riding contests, among other themed events. It’s hard to not have fun here, even if it’s not the typical “Vegas nightclub” experience you expect to find right on the Strip.

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