Looking for my review of Encore Players Bar? Great specialty cocktails at a reasonable price just off the casino floor.

Wednesday night after work I was finally able to catch up with my best friend at Encore Players Bar. At first she was a bit skeptical. We’re used to going to exclusive bars and lounges, and she felt a little exposed by Encore Players Bar's open surroundings. We were just a few feet away from the casino floor and very close to the nightclubs, as well as the restaurant Andrea’s. Not to mention, we didn’t have the seclusion offered by dimmed lighting.

To be honest, it was a nice change to be able to comfortably carry on an audible conversation with my friend while also maintaining eye contact. I felt as if I hadn’t really talked to my best friend in ages. Plus, I enjoyed feeling over-dressed. A group of ladies next to us were wearing subtle day dresses and a couple further down the bar looked as if they were taking a break from the gaming floor, casually sporting jeans and knits.

We were thrilled to snag one of the few seats available at the bar within fifteen minutes of arriving. I was quite pleased to have the mixologist’s full attention while I determined if Encore Players Barwould live up to my expectations.

Since the bar specializes in vodka-based beverages (my favorite), I was looking forward to surprising my taste buds with cocktails that did not have the overwhelming taste of liquor. Although nightlife locations often feature nearly every type of alcohol you can imagine, they are usually served on the rocks or blended with the same old array of mixers.

My first drink of choice was cotton candy inspired, and my friend went with some bizarre beverage featuring bacon. She’s always been a lot more daring than I am. Even though I could still faintly taste the vodka, there was no doubt that these drinks were some of the best cocktails I’d had in Vegas, which is saying something.

Surprisingly, the cocktails we ordered averaged only $12 each, which is unheard of in this town. We’re used to coughing up at least $20 for basic cocktails. We felt as if we were experiencing some secret bargain exclusive for the night. The mixologist explained that the philosophy behind Encore Players Bard was that guests should experiment with the possibilities and ideally find a new favorite. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to choose my favorite just yet, but I’m surely up for the challenge of finding one.

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