by Simone

Looking for my review of Bond Las Vegas? Bond has a sexy lounge vibe, with a beautiful staff and clientele to match.  Floor-to-ceiling Strip views ensure you won’t be bored.

Allured by the faint, foreign sound of hip hop, rhythm & blues, and drum & bass, I found myself gravitating towards the Eastside Tower of the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. I grabbed my sister’s hand and we used our ears as our guide, certain the sounds would not last beyond the current set. After passing a section of lavish table games consisting of a sultry staff of young, attractive female dealers and dancers, we reached the entrance of Bond. I almost felt as if we were on the set of a girl power music video.

My sister was fascinated by the sparkling LED art illuminating the exteriors of the venue. I wasn't as impressed. Neon lights are a signature Las Vegas feature, found in nearly every hotel and casino; nothing new. I was, however, ready to sway to the beats. Upon reaching the modest corner Bond occupied, I soon found who I was in search of, the one responsible for my sudden audio scavenger hunt: she was a funky, twenty-something female disc jockey planted between the bar and table games, nodding to the track. I couldn't imagine a better location to spend a ladies' night out. It was a feminist wonderland, with a sin city twist.

As impressive as the music was, the dance floor proved disappointing. It was nearly nonexistent in the cozy venue. With a shrug, I began to move to the music. The disc jockey briefly raised her eyes from her turntable to glance at us with a satisfied grin. The volume increased and the bass trembled through the floors; it was an electric experience, and others soon joined my sister and I as we grinded, twirled, and rocked to the beat. We caught the eyes of a group of men who had gathered near the perimeter of the bar to watch us in amusement. The space was so small that their attraction was more than obvious. We encouraged them to join us for a dance. I wasn't going to be the night's entertainment at no cost. 

The gentlemen turned down our offer, but once we took a seat at the bar, they offered to buy our drinks in exchange for our company. Of the diverse, international crowd in Bond, they were the most attractive. We graciously accepted, relocating to an ottoman near the strip-facing, floor-to-ceiling windows. The lounge seemed ideal for young singles, and we were ready to mingle.

Although we enjoyed ourselves, as the night went on, the lounge became more and more cramped, to the point that guests were blocking the entrance to the casino floor. Growing bored, I was relieved when my sister signaled she was ready to leave with the fine-looking gentleman she had been chatting up. That was my cue to invite his friend to walk me to the valet so they may enjoy the rest of the evening alone. She was only in town for the night, so I excused her promiscuity… just this once.  

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