Looking for my review of Eyecandy Sound Lounge Las Vegas? More than your average casino floor bar, with legit DJs and VJs keeping the party going late.

On any given Sunday, it’s usually a hassle to persuade my friends or family to leave the house, especially during football season. In between plays, I usually find myself vainly attempting to pry anyone from the couch as I struggle not to doze off due to boredom.  

Luckily, this particular afternoon I was expecting the arrival of distant cousins from New Hampshire. Of course, I was the first to offer pick them up from the airport and drive them to their suite. As I waited for them to sort their luggage in the hotel lobby of the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, I decided to search for some kind of amusement that would keep them from succumbing to the dreaded couch at my parent’s house.  

Curious about a line forming near the table games, I ended up on the steps of Eyecandy Sound Lounge. I suddenly heard a roar, seemingly out of nowhere.  Were these the sounds the lounge’s name referred to?

No. I soon realized I was continuing to be haunted by the ubiquitous sport of football. Yes, it’s everywhere in Vegas, even fun nightspots like Eyecandy Sound Lounge. Little did I know, the lounge was dominated by an event held for the playoffs.  My cousins nearly tackled me from behind while they exclaimed, “Found us a sports bar, I see.” They helped themselves to a seat at the bar directly in front of the first television screen they laid eyes on.

Their sister, the youngest and only female of the bunch, gave me a sigh of disappointment as we took a seat at the lounge. As the only non-jersey wearing women, we were instantly comped drinks. To be honest, I was mostly concerned with catching up with her as the game kept my three older male cousins occupied. Yet, to my surprise, her gaze slowly began to gravitate towards the monumental projector screen at the middle of the venue showcasing the game. This is certainly not the eyecandy I had in mind; it seems the energy of the crowd really got them going.


While fiddling with some gadgets on the table (hoping to find an outlet for my phone charger), I realized why the venue was categorized as a “sound” lounge. Apparently, late in the afternoon on days without major sports events and most evenings, there are featured DJs and VJs that take direct requests from select guests via their electronic devices when they connect them to ports on one of the iPod tables.

I took a glance around and noticed that – through all of the football rubbish -- there is indeed a tech-savvy speaker setup along with a sizable dance floor. Impressed with the decor, atmosphere, and their obvious amusement, I suggested we grab a bite to eat and come back later that evening.

As expected, once we returned, the crowd’s energy did not disappoint, and this time, it was more my style. As an open space in the middle of the casino, guests are able to come and go as they please. The crowd was steady, with a line only forming when guests crowded the entrance at the front bar. Sports commentary was replaced with hits from the nineties to present day, and the vibe was similarly energetic.  We quickly bypassed the bar, hoping to snag an iPod table to manipulate the playlist to our tastes. Yet, we had no luck. Tonight, we were beaten out by an older, more conservative crowd that appreciated the classics.

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