Looking for my review of Fizz Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace? Undiscovered hideaway inside Caesar’s Palace serving sparkling wine and cocktails made with (you guessed it) sparkling wine.

“Is it open?” my date, Oliver, asks as we eye the empty host podium at the entrance to Fizz. The champagne lounge seemed to have appeared overnight near the entrance of The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Hearing the sound of faint voices inside, we walk in, admiring the chic, artsy décor. A photo booth stands to our immediate left. Possibly hoping to break the silence and awkwardness of our first night out together, my date jumps inside and urges me to join him. He claims this will be a night to remember, and so we need a memento. It’s juvenile, but since no one is around to see us, I hop in for an impromptu shoot. We share a few laughs over our silly candids and the ice is broken.

Still wary over whether or not we are trespassing, I follow Oliver into the lounge. We are greeted casually by the entire staff as they all lean over the bar counter, appearing bored. The bartenders urge us to take a seat at the bar as they slide an electronic menu in front of us. Many new and recently renovated lounges have been utilizing tablets rather than paper menus, which is quite savvy and eco-friendly. 

Judging by the crew’s behavior, I wouldn't be surprised if we are the first clients they've had all night. They are friendly, but quite relaxed, continuing their conversations amongst themselves while we take our seats and scan the menu. I have to say, I was certainly not used to this laid-back approach to serving customers. Oliver speculates that they may have been preparing to close early right as we walked in. He notices an older man on his laptop apparently taking inventory of their liquor stock with one of the bartenders. I suppose that's why Queen's hit "Another One Bites the Dust" was barely audible. If they were planning to close early, they certainly did not want to attract a crowd with loud music.

Sensing how much the staff’s nonchalance was distracting me, Oliver creates small talk about food and beverage offerings. Scrolling the menu, a cocktail featuring Basil Hayden and blackberries captures my eye. I take a sip and a bittersweet flavor smoothly passes over each taste bud. I notice a creamy effect is characteristic of the majority of their drinks. Cocktails were topped with some type of foamy layer. When Oliver orders a beverage that is not bubbly-based, I soon realize this fizz effect was the result of sparkling wine being added as a finish. 

The bartender entertains us with the lounge's history as we move on to our second round. We learn Fizz is relatively new, less than a year old, and largely inspired by Elton John. The artwork is from Elton and his partner’s personal collection, and the cuisines are prepared by one of their chefs.

I adore the venue's intimate atmosphere and look up to discover a secluded second story. I did not realize how big the bar was until then, and feel a little guilty for keeping the employees in an otherwise empty place. Oliver and I debate a third round. If it weren’t for the staff, I wouldn't mind lingering around to further explore Elton John’s collection and the undiscovered cocktail menu. However, Oliver notices the team has grown silent and is acting anxious. We conclude it is time for us to go, and we spend the second half of our evening browsing the Forum Shops. Oliver confidently asks for a second date the following week: dinner followed by dessert cocktails at Fizz.

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