Looking for my review of the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay? Dinner, cocktails, dancing, and great views of the Strip all in one place.

Unwinding at home for the first time in what seems like weeks, I heavily plop on the couch. Just as I exhale a sigh of relief, my phone vibrates. It’s my cousin, Jenna. She claims to have life-changing news, which can only be shared in person. Great… I was set on lounging in silence for a good half an hour before running a bath and placing a frozen dinner in the oven. Jenna texts me again. Apparently, she has received some fancy new membership to House of Blues’ Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay. I’m sure it was gifted by her generous beau of the week. I attempt to close my eyes and ignore her enthusiastic texts when my phone rings.

After a bit of persuasion and then procrastination, I am ready to go by 8 p.m. Jenna grumbles about how early it is, but I tell her it’s now or never. I’m not going to be out until the wee hours of the morning again, and I’m looking forward to a spa reservation I have scheduled for tomorrow morning. Jenna lags to get to my house, and we don’t arrive at Mandalay Bay until a little after 9 p.m. I am starving.

Jenna’s “membership” to the Foundation Room turns out to be unnecessary, because as soon as we walk in to the casino a host swoops down and ushers us to the elevator to enjoy tapas at the lounge.  As we reach the upper levels of the Mandalay, I instantly feel as if I am being transported to some secret hideaway. The Foundation Room has an exotic aura with a life-size Buddha, along with other Eastern inspired décor, greeting you at the entryway of a collection of endless hallways and mysterious doorways. I hear there is a fully operating restaurant behind one of the unmarked closed doors. Can you say exclusive?

Upon entering the ultra lounge, I feel as if the doors were opening to an Old Boys’ Club, cigar smoke and all. There is an apparent lack of ladies, which is possibly the reasoning behind our eased entry. The room is laid out like a stylish parlor with exquisite, traditional furnishings. There is definitely something that makes me really curious about this place. We are escorted to a table near the balcony and begin enjoying a couple of appetizers. Around 10:00 p.m., the atmosphere suddenly changes. The background music transforms from mellow jazz to more upbeat electronica tunes. A crowd trickles in over the next hour.

Realizing my opportunity to capture the city views is expiring as the capacity increases, I wiggle through to an open space on the small outside terrace. I can’t believe how amazing the vantage point is, offering a nearly 180-degree view of the entire town. Wow, this place is something else. Jenna soon pokes her head out to the balcony, urging me to join her and a couple of fine gentlemen for a dance. It doesn’t seem as if we are getting around to that urgent conversation – or that we will be leaving – anytime soon.

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