Looking for my LAVO Las Vegas review? LAVO is one of the best places in Vegas to be seen, whether you’re using it for a warm-up to another bar, or as the main event

My former roommate, Natalie, recently had a baby, which turned out to be an emotional rollercoaster of self-consciousness that she struggled through this past year. Yet the experience motivated her to jog nearly every day, and in four short months she lost the majority of her baby weight: nearly 30 pounds! Despite the fact that we all secretly know just how vain she is, Natalie did not make too much of a fuss about her success. So I thought I’d surprise her by planning a special celebration and free Natalie of her mommy duties for a night.

Natalie had been out of the club scene for almost two years, so I wanted to warm her back up to nightlife with a subtle, classy, ‘grown-up’ night out. For my friends and me, LAVO Italian Restaurant & Lounge at The Palazzo Las Vegas is a pre-game, an appetizer of sorts for the evening -- which is sometimes just enough. Lately, it's been a relief to get away from the club scene and its claustrophobic, over-capacity nightmare of sweating as you attempt to sway amongst clumsy and intoxicated strangers, under bright strobe lights and on top of earthquaking treble and bass. The thought of it gives me a headache and slight nausea, as I remember blacked-out nights past from my early twenties.

LAVO is usually the hors d'oeuvre of choice in anticipation of a main course at TAO Nightclub; the gals and I skipped the Strip the weekend prior because of a huge convention taking place in town, which always means hours-long waits—even within the table reservation and guest list lines. Therefore, we were eager to tuck away in one of LAVO’s dimmed and cushioned corners while mellow trance music played in the background of our conversations. We were all so thrilled to catch up with Natalie again, and the space was a breath of fresh air with high ceilings and chic, minimalist earth-toned decor. Not to mention the various natural water elements and fresh floral bouquets decorating the 20,000+ square foot expanse. The setting had the perfect tone for a well-deserved night out for a new mom.

Unfortunately, the second story lounge was unavailable due to ongoing renovations. I desperately hope they are expanding its dance floor. If my memory serves me right, the bar in the lounge was larger than the dance area.  When the lounge portion of LAVO reopens, it's likely to regain its position as a top spot in Vegas. The last time I went to LAVO, the lounge was the place to be, especially for Las Vegas socialites. The best of the best were at the club for the sake of being seen, and you were guaranteed your "15 minutes of fame" if you were sitting at the right table. One of my host friends at LAVO tells me that when it reopens, it may include gaming tables in addition to the dance floor and tables for bottle service.

Natalie was stunned by all of the changes taking place at LAVO and throughout Palazzo. We could tell how much she missed this life.  Whether you want to enjoy full-course dining or take advantage of a night of freedom with the ladies (and without life’s stresses), LAVO is sure to satisfy.

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