Want my review of The Bank at Bellagio? The Bank at Bellagio offers a small-format, exclusive nightclub with a unique blend of music.

The Bank Nightclub at Bellagio Las Vegas is a big hit or total miss. There have been weekends my good-looking girlfriends and I have been waiting in a cluster outside of the door for hours, and there have also been nights where hosts were scrambling around the casino floor to get bodies inside. You never know what to expect. On this particular weekend, we all decided to arrive at the venue early since we had lost contact with our previous host at The Bank after he seemingly went AWOL. That's the thing about The Bank: compared to other nightclubs in the industry, they have a high rate of employment turnover. I’m always in search of new connections.

My friends & I arrived at the club a little after 11:00 p.m. We were relieved to still see the velvet ropes, meaning the line would be manageable. Insider tip: once the velvet ropes are out of sight, all goes to chaos. At first we were met by a young lady working the line, who insisted that we each pay the $20 cover charge. I smirked and insisted on speaking to a host. She gave us an annoyed glare and got around to locating one ten minutes later. After arranging our cleavage, and entertaining the young gentleman host with our obviously intoxicated conversation, he granted us free entry and drink tickets to use for basic mixed drinks at the bar. He promised to comp us a table next time if we scheduled a reservation with him beforehand. We all made sure to exchange contact info with him. He was sweet and attractive – a rare combination in the nightlife world.


Security signaled for us to take the escalator up to the venue, and we instantly headed for the bar since most drink tickets expire early in the night. Insider tip: use those drink tickets before midnight! I ordered my usual vodka sour, a rendition of the lemon drop. We downed as many drinks as we could in the last half an hour of the beverage special – yeah, I know – then headed to the dance floor. The club is broken up into three levels consisting of a bar on the highest level, table reservations on the next level, then finally a small dance floor on the lowest level. It is actually one large room that allows you to flow down wide staircases from one level to the next.

For a five-star luxury resort, you'd expect a bit more prudishness, but The Bank was the complete opposite. You instantly forget you're even in the Bellagio as you groove to the upbeat sounds of a more urban Top 40 playlist consisting of hip hop and drum and bass remixes. It's honestly one of the last remaining clubs in Las Vegas to play current urban hits on a regular basis. When it comes to rap or hip hop, most venues safely feature oldies within the genre. The Bank is one of those clubs where you might discover something new in the musical sphere, or at least a more electric version of your favorite song. The small bar area began to crowd, so we quickly raced down the stairs to avoid having to shove through each level. We were here to dance, and with a bit of liquid encouragement thanks to our friendly host, we were more than ready to shake it.

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