Looking for my review of Body English Las Vegas? A recent re-do captures the early magic of this gem just off the Strip.

Nothing used to compare to The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. It was the party of parties with the most beautiful people from all artistic industries in one place. Day or night, if you were up for scandal, the Hard Rock was there to fill your desires. No one ever ventured to the corner of Paradise Road and East Harmon Avenue without trouble in mind. It was not the setting to behave. Therefore, upon hearing about the revamping of Body English, the nightclub in the Hard Rock, I rounded up my ladies for a night of reminiscing. It used to be “the spot” in our day, and we were going to party like it was 1999 (again).

Part of us hoped for pieces of those memories to reappear this evening as we casually waited outdoors for Body English’s opening at 10:30 p.m. We craved a good time, but did not expect a late night due to appointments we all held the next morning at our 9-to-5s.

The nightclub’s staff consisted entirely of attractive, but highly jaded, men in their late twenties to early thirties. As I walked up to a host managing the guest list, he avoided eye contact as he asked for my name and whose guest list I was on. I showed him my confirmation text, and he opened the velvet rope for us. At that point, he finally gave us a look. His eyes widened as he lustfully glanced at our chests. We feigned being flattered and walked in, rushing down the stairs. My friends and I held on to the handrail and held in our laughter for our dear lives until we were out of his sight.

The club was already over halfway full. We were met once again with a zig-zagging, steep staircase leading down to the dance floor. I hoped not to sprain an ankle on one of these many steps before I could even get a single dance in. At last, we made it to the lowest level. A grooving DJ greeted us as we made a left towards the bar and the dance floor. We were so relieved everyone was actually dancing. We knew we struck it lucky with this crowd, just like old times.

Our guest list reservation granted us free champagne and basic mixed vodka beverages on the rocks. Let me repeat: champagne! We couldn't resist this sexy and totally rock star option, even if it meant a killer hangover in the morning. This night was dedicated to toasting the legacy, the good ol’ days.

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