Want my review of Hyde at Bellagio? Hyde Bellagio is a boutique nightclub with good entertainment and a view of the Bellagio fountains, but only if you catch it on one of its unpredictable open nights.

The headache of Hyde. After days of attempting to enjoy a mellow night lounging with friends at this venue, I determined Hyde is an unreliable location to schedule anything around, or to depend on in any way, since the staff members are prone to close the place early, seemingly at any time they please. On Sunday night, I arrived at 12 a.m. after a horrible blind date. Hyde was closed. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, figuring business was slow, and decided to try again on Tuesday. However, when I arrived at 10:30 p.m., the hostesses were stationed at the door, casting scornful looks and rudely refusing to allow anyone inside. Hyde was not over capacity, just closing early once again.

I was fed up, and feigned ignorance by asking their hours of operation, since this was my second attempt this week to enjoy a night at the lounge. The hostess tried to change the subject without answering my question, so I asked again as I googled the information on my phone. I pretended to be puzzled as I squinted my eyes at what I found, saying, "Your hours are incorrect here…it says 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. Weird." The hostess rolled her eyes and said they always open at 5 p.m. and sometimes stay open later surrounding the weekends. Whatever that means.

When I asked about their hours of operation for the remainder of the week, she claimed not to know. I must have revealed my anger with my tone, because a member of security eased his way to the entrance, questioning what was going on as I walked away.


For some reason, such a situation only made me crave access to Hyde even more and I called the following night, determined not to travel to the city only for them to be closed once again. I finally resorted to going over the weekend, just to see what I was missing. It wasn't much. I mean, I was impressed by their disc jockey, one of the few who actually mixed as well as played live instruments, with dancers (oddly dressed as sexy mimes, go figure) on a stage facing some of the most exclusive (and certainly most expensive) table reservations available overlooking the famous Bellagio fountains. 

Inside, the bottle service waitresses are a friendly bunch – unlike their front-door counterparts. I joined a table for a little fun and had more than my share of vodka shots poured with a smile. But that wasn’t anywhere close to making up for my lousy experience at the front door, where I couldn’t even find out when that door would be unlocked.


In addition to the one-man-band, there is the view, which is decent. A narrow patio faces Las Vegas Boulevard and offers an eye-level panoramic view of the Strip. Yet the view of Paris Las Vegas’ reconstruction of the Eiffel Tower would be more impressive at a higher story. I struggled to see the peak of it from my vantage point.

Hyde is full of chic decor, spaced throughout the room quite well, but there is no mistaking that it is a small venue. It is almost as if the nightclub was a last minute add-on to the resort. This can be a selling point if you’re looking an alternative to the Hakkasan mega-club at MGM Grand. But I could only imagine what chaos takes place when the lounge is at full capacity. There’s a great terrace outside, which I'm sure comes in handy for a breath of fresh air when that happens.

Once the mystery of Hyde was solved, I was no longer interested. The headache is not worth it since there is nothing too unique or spectacular about the club. Check out the Bellagio fountains from the sidewalk with a drink in your hand, and save yourself the hassle.  You're not likely to catch me hiding in here again. 

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