Want my review of Light Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay? Light Nightclub has great potential, but poor execution outside and inside lead to disappointing results.                     

When a venue is affiliated with the likes of Cirque du Soleil you expect awe, you expect acrobatics, you expect amazing. As I got ready for a night out at Light Nightclub at the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, I was filled with the highest hopes for artful, unique entertainment. Sadly, my hopes were met with disappointment as I spent more of my night waiting in line than actually partying. This shouldn’t have been a surprise to me. Light is a top tier destination, and for any given weekend of nightlife in Las Vegas, especially surrounding heavy tourist seasons, you should prepare for a wait in multiple lines. Good luck getting in at all if you don't have a table, guest list spot, or pre-paid reservation.

On this particular night, I was a straggler. My friend Jenny wasn’t working at the host stand that night, and I was unable to get off of work early enough to get escorted inside with my friends. I was flustered as I entered The Shoppes at Mandalay Palace near the venue. All I saw were aimless bodies begging and bribing nightclub staff for entry. It was mayhem, and there were so many clusters of people, I spent nearly fifteen minutes pacing back and forth in an effort to stand in one of the three designated guest list lines which quickly began to wrap around the corner. I asked a somewhat approachable reservationist where I might check in after realizing in disbelief that such a thing was not taking place in any of the horrifyingly long lines I passed. With a smile full of charm and flirtation, I was able to con my way to the front of the line, where I waited another twenty minutes. That seemed like a miracle, given how things were going!


I knew the check-in for the VIP lists would be ending in the next hour, as it was nearing midnight. Although all those poor souls have be waiting in line for hours, most of them will miss the deadline and end up paying a cover as well as losing their drink tickets. Waiting alone in a long line is made even worse when you’re amongst tight-knit crowds of impatient, whining groups of catty little girlfriends.

Eventually I got inside, and was welcomed by metal detectors, security pat downs, and odd neon lights. I was thrown off because I don't remember the last time I've gone through such motions other than at the airport or court. Way to stay vigilant, I suppose, but to be honest it was a huge turn off and led me to believe my time here would be short. Have they had issues with guests bringing weapons inside? Such paranoid thoughts are the most terrible when you’re intoxicated.

Anyway, I finally joined my friends at the bar. Despite the crowd, it wasn't much trouble to find them in the small space. Light looked familiar, like any other place I'd been to. The exceptions were some truly flexible go-go dancers, and an (admittedly) spectacular acrobatic disco performance from the ceiling that only lasted a few fleeting moments.

On this trip to Light, I didn't feel the energy; I didn't feel the life. The lighting was not even unique in any way, which was surprising for a club whose very branding depends on it. After an hour, my friends and I were fed up. The bar was always crowded, the dance floor was full, but no one was moving. It was time to change scenes. We weren't going to waste a weekend doing something ordinary.

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