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Looking for my review of Marquee Las Vegas? Marquee combines new school EDM with old school R&B into smaller clubs within a club.

My boys and I are not really all about this trending dance music scene. I’m sorry, but after a while, it all starts to sound the same to me. Sometimes we just want to enjoy a chill night fist-pumping to the classics. For just such a night of old school fun, I made arrangements for us to hit Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Entry was a bit delayed, which made me kind of irritable. For the amount of cash we’re spending and the top-notch clientele we’re bringing in, our arrival should be flawless. Sometimes these nightclub managers let their egos get to their head, so I let my host have it when he finally arrived, 15 minutes late. Never will I be the fool waiting around outside the club. It’s not good for my image or my business. Once my host assured me it would never happen again, my mood improved and I was ready to rock. The energy inside proved that tonight was going to be dope.

Marquee has three separate dance floors each dedicated to a different genre of music, which changes nightly. On this occasion, both the main dance floor and outdoor space were featuring the usual Top 40 hits with a mix of old school classics. I wanted to hear something a bit more raw and uncut, so I ended up spending most of my time in the “Boombox.” The disc jockey scratched to rap and R&B hits I have not heard for years, but my boys and I were shouting the words like it was yesterday. The energy was wild. There was this sexiness about the “Boombox,” and I don’t if it was the dimmed red lights, the playboy décor, or the fact that there is nothing like the way a woman moves to her favorite song.

Just to get the most out of our experience, my boys and I got a table in each section. Why not? Our clients loved it. Throughout the night, we bounced between our tables in the “Boombox” and the main dance floor as well as our cabana outside. 

By the time we were on our fourth or fifth round, I could feel the heat rising and I began to sweat through my designer tee. I motioned for us all to make an escape outside where we stumbled upon the table games. This beautiful dealer started giving me these eyes I couldn’t resist, and the next thing I knew, I had blown 5k in one minute just trying to keep her attention. I’d probably regret it in the morning, but not so much if she woke up next to me.

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