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Looking for my review of Surrender Las Vegas? Surrender stakes a claim as the dance club of choice within Steve Wynn’s stable of nightclubs, if not all of Vegas.

Life is a party. The lines between business and pleasure are even more blurred when you're in an industry centered on power and excess. While traveling to Las Vegas recently to meet a client during a convention, I decided I would end my evening at Surrender Nightclub, located within Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. I reminded my assistant to schedule reservations at the nightclub's best table on the dance floor, with dinner beforehand at Andrea’s, the hip new restaurant next door.

I own a second home in one of the most prominent neighborhoods in Las Vegas, and when I’m in town I frequent only the dopest and most lavish hot spots. As a bachelor, it’s the ideal way of living: money, ladies, and a 24-hour city at my fingertips. What more could a gentleman ask for?

It was nearing midnight and my crew and I were ready to head over to Surrender from the restaurant.  I never have issues immediately getting inside since the staff is eager to keep my tab open. For this, they are always taken care of. After all, time is money.

We waltzed in and took our seats on the plush cushions. Immediately, a group of beautiful young cocktail waitresses marched towards our table, making a fuss and cheering as they held our 10K bottle in the air. The girls had lights, whistles, and confetti in hand. The party had arrived. 

Electronic dance music pulsed through the speakers, hips were moving, and the line outside was at a halt, although it was wrapped around the corner. They were getting ready to raise the price for men up to $55 per cover. Local ladies were nearly always free and all other women paid $20, on average. I made sure everyone lucky enough to already be in our company enjoyed a first round at the nearest bar on me. I enjoy sharing the benefits of my success with those around me.

Of all of the clubs at Wynn Las Vegas, Surrender has the reputation for being the dance club of choice. The move and groove was serious business for all ladies in attendance, and they swayed until they could barely stand in their stilettos. I welcomed the prettiest ones to our table. Our location right on the dance floor always comes in handy in that way. Soon enough, about a dozen of my boys and I each had at least two options of ladies we could extend the rest of our evenings with. Of course, I was lucky enough to enjoy both. With the right amount of money, there are no limits.

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