Looking for my review of Tao Las Vegas? Vibrant party atmosphere with a massive dance floor and a balcony overlooking the Strip.

After a long, stressful week, I decided I was tired of just venting to my friends over cocktails.  I just wanted to let go for a while, and what better place to forget it all than Tao Nightclub's Worship Thursdays at The Venetian Las Vegas? As locals, my girlfriends and I know enough people in this town that we do not have too much of an issue getting inside even exclusive venues like Tao.  Just to be safe, I was wearing my favorite new dress that accentuated all of my positives.

We were referred to the hotel guests' line as we waited for our host. He greeted us all with a big smile and hugs, and we happily linked our arms around him and one another as we walked inside. We could tell he felt on top of the world being surrounded by a group of beautiful ladies.

Our host escorted us up the steps separating the restaurant from the nightclub, gallantly holding each of our hands so we didn’t stumble in our stilettos. Tao was mystical, reminiscent of some sort of red light district. The dimmed, fiery snake-like chandeliers gave you a fuzzy perspective of the space. The go-go dancers wore nude, flimsy costumes, which just barely covered their parts as they seductively swayed to the music.

Once again, my friends and I were in a race against time to get the free drinks our VIP wristbands guaranteed us until midnight.  I flirted with the bartender, asking him to surprise me with something sour and sweet. For the next half hour, my girlfriends and I danced and giggled near the bar as we guzzled down as many drinks as we could get our hands on before the clock struck midnight. It was a dangerous way to begin the night, but we figured we'd need the liquid courage if we were going to be bold enough to join the other ladies on the "stage" at the edge of the dance floor.

Tao has a balcony space overlooking the Strip with breathtaking views, and an upstairs pool area where the party spills over into late at night. Tonight, however, we had on mission: to dance our cares away.

We cheered and clanked our cocktails at midnight, partially spilling our overfilled beverages on the floor. Now was our time to release to the vibrating beats. My girlfriends and I held hands as we wiggled and twirled through the dance floor. We did our best to gracefully slip our way onto the stage, but frankly, we didn't care. I swear I gave a few gentlemen a free show as I tried to keep my balance. Everything was easy. All was funny. Nothing mattered except what song was coming on next.

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