Looking for my review of Tryst Las Vegas at the Wynn? Tryst Las Vegas is a boutique nightclub in a gorgeous, luxurious setting for a night of familiar fun.

Some evenings in Las Vegas feel like a dream or a mirage, especially with the exhaustion of walking up and down the Strip in the desert heat, tipsy from some beverage of choice.  My visit to Tryst Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas was one such experience.

My company had recently landed a big client, and we all coordinated a time to celebrate by with a few table reservations at several of the city’s most luxurious resorts. Our entourage consisted of major staff players as well as the clients, who were visiting Las Vegas from Aruba. We wanted to show them we were serious about the longevity of our business relationship, as well as build trust and rapport. Apparently, getting trashed in a lavish setting does the trick.

After spending most of the night club-hopping up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, we found ourselves staring at a 90-foot waterfall atop a lagoon right in the middle of the club as we waited for entry into Tryst. Somehow, I had ended up as the designated babysitter, since I was not nearly as inebriated as my colleagues. I struggled to help steady my co-workers’ balance and keep all eyes open as we entered the club. In a daze, my senior representative, Sarah, questioned whether the waterfall was a mirage. I assured her it was really there, and she wasn’t nearly as out of it as she felt.

Like the waterfall, Tryst had a steady flow. Club-goers passed at their leisure through the wide velvet hallway separating the nightclub from the lobby. Throughout the night, Tryst’s vibe alternated from cool, calm, and collected to a secretive rave. The venue was hot and cold in that way, just like any rendezvous.

This particular evening, the disc jockey was playing a variety of Top 40 hits and classics from the past. The diverse, international crowd seemed to go along with it. I always hope to be surprised by something new when it comes to nightlife music, but tonight I found peace in tuning out the sounds and gazing at the framed scene of the waterfall surrounding the disc jockey’s stage. I barely took my eyes off of the tableau as I tried to sober up and keep my composure for my reckless peers. Someone had to be the responsible one that evening.

As the club neared closing time at 4 a.m., I coordinated with the valet to assist our clients and my colleagues in getting taxis home. The resort’s staff was quite helpful.  I could tell they were used to accommodating high rollers in compromising situations. Therefore, I had no worries that my colleagues would make it home safely. After all, we still had work to do the following morning.

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