Looking for my review of XS? Plan ahead for this night out - XS is (deservedly) one of the most exclusive nightclubs in the entire world.

Life is short, and although one should experience variety, sometimes when you go out you just want some guarantee that the night is going to be worthwhile. These worries were set aside one recent weekend when I was able to get a guest list reservation from a host at XS Nightclub. Located in Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, this was an achievement. I had been attempting to secure a reservation for a couple of weeks now, but so far my host had not been able to promise entry. The nightclub always seemed to be sold out, especially with the renewed residency of DJ Kaskade, a legend in progressive house and electronic dance music. 

XS is one of the most popular and sought after nightlife experiences not just in Las Vegas, but in the world. The venue has gained national and international acclaim. It is so much more than a nightclub, and the experience is more than a night out. With the demand for table reservations, guest list spots, and pre-paid tickets, good luck trying to get into XS via general admission. The club usually reaches capacity every night, and often is unable to accommodate any “walk-in” guests at all.


Tonight, we got in line with the masses and waited for our host to arrive. After an hour passed, I grew irritated. Thinking that my host was caught up with other guests or running late, I texted him, threatening to leave with my group of eight ladies. He arranged for one of his colleagues to escort us inside a few minutes later. He greeted us at the bar seconds after entry, apologizing as he hugged me and granted us all drink tickets. “You’re lucky you have your looks and charm working in you favor,” I chastised him flirtatiously. Smiling, he joined our conversation for a couple of rounds before excusing himself to take care of his other clients.

The indoor portion of the club was already nearly full. Guests were beginning to gravitate outside to the cabanas and pool. Even though the club was packed, the high ceilings and open air allowed some relief from the crowd. Once it struck 1 a.m. everyone stormed inside, anticipating the premiere disc jockey of the evening. At XS, the headlining DJ almost always treats his performance as a live intimate concert, leaking future hits and remixing older classics. I’ve never experienced this type of exclusivity anywhere else. As Kaskade took the stage, I knew were about to have a night full of surprises.

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