by AngelGirl

Want to know how to beat the dreaded Vegas hangover? Don’t let your trip get derailed by a late night out - here are 5 tips to recover from a night out in Vegas.

When planning a trip to Vegas, many often forget to prepare for one crucial thing: the hangover that comes the morning after your night out. Keep in mind the following five pointers, and you’re sure to make it through the weekend. Although they are not all scientifically proven, and are certainly not intended to convey medical advice, several party-goers (me included) are faithful to these commandments.

 Buy your own liquor for pregaming at the hotel

Buy your own liquor for pregaming at the hotel

1.  Light vs. Dark. Early in the evening, my girlfriends and I usually “pregame” in a hotel suite, consuming our own alcoholic beverages before entering the club. At this time, we all determine our liquor color of choice. We each decide to follow the light path mostly consisting of vodka, gin, and champagne, or the dark path consisting of rum, tequila, and whiskey. We’ve all experienced sickness on nights where we’ve mixed light and dark liquors. Therefore, my girlfriends and I have a theory that if we base all of our cocktails along one of these paths, we will decrease the intensity of our hangovers.

2.  Sweat. After midnight is the best time to hit the dancefloor. At this time, most clubs are filling up and the bar is usually packed just enough to allow for a bit of breathing room and dance space. In between drinks, my girlfriends and I sweat the empty liquor calories off (and speed up that alcohol metabolizing) by dancing the night away.

3.  Liquids. Every other beverage, I flirtatiously ask for water, juice or soda to balance the alcoholic intake. As tempting as it is to turn down a drink, be confident there will be more. Men are just waiting for the opportunity to spend a couple of seconds with ladies at the bar in the process of gifting a cocktail.

4.  Grease. At the close of the night as dawn is breaking, you will be starving or at least slightly lightheaded due to the combination of club hopping, dancing, flirting and drinking. If you got carried away, unable to follow the previous three steps, this is your last chance. Find the nearest late night diner and overload on greasy finger foods. Every Vegas resort has at least one late-night food option and, at that point, food quality should not be your primary concern. My best friend swears grease and carbs absorb liquor. I’m not too certain of this, but it surely satisfies cravings and keeps you awake just a while longer to make up for the night’s excesses.

5.  Moderation. Probably the only verified myth in this list, drinking in moderation will surely keep a nice buzz going until you’ve decided you’ve reached the night’s climax and it’s time to get a bit crazier. As a rule of thumb, while pregaming and getting ready, my friends and I take no more than three shots within the two hours before entering our first club. Once we arrive at our destination, depending on where the night goes, we allow ourselves to accept a cocktail an hour from various flattering men until 1 a.m. when the resident DJ usually goes on. Then all rules are forgotten.

Sadly, time is the only proven hangover remedy. Thus, if you plan on going out the day after, try to stop drinking at least a couple of hours before you crash for the night. Vegas can feel like a sprint, but the most experienced party-goers know it’s really a marathon.