by AngelGirl

Want to know what to wear at the top Vegas nightclubs, like what to wear at XS Las Vegas, what to wear at Tao Las Vegas, and what to wear at Marquee Las Vegas? Here are 3 tips to keep in mind.

In the city of sin, vanity is no doubt among the most frequently committed transgressions – after greed, of course. Las Vegas nightclubs are the premiere setting for the capital vices at play, so one must adopt a prideful presence in order to gain access to the most exclusive venues. Keeping the following dress code suggestions in mind will help you make a seamless entry. 

A man is judged by his shoes.

A man’s value is determined by his footwear.

Dress shoes are suggested, but whether you wear oxfords, loafers, or even boat shoes, they should be in neutral dark tones.

Definitely do not attempt to wear boots, sandals, slippers, or sneakers—with the exception of designer tennis shoes, and occasionally Converse and Vans, but even so, that’s pushing it.

Guys, if you don't know what shoes to wear, don't even think about it, just buy these classic bit loafers - they're even available for Amazon Prime or overnight shipping so you'll have them before your trip. Trust me, people notice, and these are quality:  Cole Haan Men's Henry Grand Bit Loafer

As for what to wear above your ankles?  Certainly, one’s best business casual evening attire is highly encouraged. Your own bit of flair is fine, but as a man, in most cases it’s best to just blend in with the crowd.  The threads must not necessarily be name brand, but a gentleman should always arrive freshly pressed and polished.

When in doubt, strive for a look of trendy luxury. The safest choice here is a slim button-down collared shirt and dark denim or slacks – not that you won’t see more daring looks once you’re inside.

Again, if you're grasping at what to wear, take my advice and keep it simple. Best to have someone staring at you rather than your laughable clothes. I'm loving this pair of G-Star Raw jeans, I haven't seen a guy who doesn't look good in this cut. And this light-colored shirt or this dark-colored shirt (in "pavement" color) goes awesome with them. (Looking for something a little more daring? The camouflage trend isn't over, and this camouflage shirt goes great with the G-Star Raw jeans.)

A woman is judged by her company.

A woman’s value is determined by her acquaintances. A woman’s perceived level of lustfulness – along with that of her crowd – is the prominent ease of entry factor. Skin and sin go hand in hand, and for the most part, a woman must merely ensure all holes below the neck are covered.

In addition to the scantily clad, meticulously well-groomed (and of course cosmetically enhanced) women are instantly noticed. They are not required to wait in line too long, if at all—depending on capacity. Such women are used as props by the club hosts in charge of the door.  The hosts know you’re watching with a combination of envy and lust as the ladies prance to the front of the line.  The anticipation is intentional, a foreplay of sorts.

Women will have trickier time gaining access when they are traveling in co-ed groups. Many nightclubs follow a strict male to female ratio when granting entry. In this case, it’s best to have a club connection with a host or you will likely miserably wait in line along with everyone else. There are certainly no guarantees, but a combination of prearranged guestlist accommodations and above average appearances increases one’s chances of getting inside faster.

Women must take note of the standards at more luxurious resorts. They frown upon fishnets, sequins, gaudy accessories, and loud combinations of colors and prints. Upper echelon nightclubs appreciate a woman who knows the balance between sexy and streetwalker.

A blazer goes a long way.

The most reliable tip for men and women alike: there’s just something about a well-tailored blazer that demands respect… and gets you through the door. Whether paired with denim, a suit, or that little black dress, a blazer gives the aura of sophistication plus edge. When in doubt, you can always fall back on this single clothing item to boost your chances of entry. Guys, get your all-purpose go-everywhere-in-Vegas blazer from Armani Exchange here, or if it's summer and you're feeling great, go for this blazer instead