by Simone

Want to know how to break through the line and get into a Las Vegas nightclub without waiting for an hour or more? These 5 tips will help you solve the puzzle of the velvet ropes.


For any highly anticipated event, patience is key, especially when it comes to Las Vegas nightlife. Depending on the venue, hundreds or even thousands of guests just like you crave getting through those doors. Yet, without a table reservation or an inside contact, you may find that you will be treated as a low priority. However, following these five simple tips will ease the process and give you faster entry to the raging party inside. 

 Make sure your phone battery is 100% at the beginning of the night

Make sure your phone battery is 100% at the beginning of the night

1.   100%. As tempted as you may be to spend your minutes or hours waiting in line snapping selfies and checking your social media feeds, you may want to reconsider saving your phone’s battery – at least until it’s confirmed you’re going to make it inside with all of your friends. At the beginning of the night, make sure your phone is fully charged, especially if you have a host contact. The nightclub and surrounding areas will be full of noise and chaos; therefore, don’t expect to find your host immediately or get ahold of him/her via any method but text messaging. It’s the most convenient way to contact him or her, and your consideration might be repaid with faster entry.

2.   Host. In any case, an inside man is the golden ticket to access. If you happen to be lucky enough to have built a relationship with a host or, even better, a nightclub manager, be sure to never burn this bridge. If you ever hope for the day when you wait in line for less than an hour, get to brownnosing, but don’t be a nuisance about it. Be friendly, cordial, and flirtatious. You’ll find most hosts grant their favorite and/or most frequent guests a line pass by personally arranging an escort inside or to the front of the line. At the least, a host is the best method for getting on the guest list, which is one of the few guarantees of free entry. And what if you don’t know a host? Get on the guest list here.

3.   Whatever you do, don’t forget your ID. The smallest details are usually the most vital and the most overlooked. While making sure you have ID may seem like common sense to you, it might not be so obvious for others in your group, particularly those from other countries. After the hassle of waiting in line for an obnoxious amount of time, you don’t want all of your dreams to be crushed by not having one of the few required resources for nightclub entry: identification. Whether it’s a driver’s license or passport, authentic government-issued identification is required for entry into any 21+ nightlife experience. Take this as a lesson from “Nightclubs for Dummies” – if you show up without ID, there’s nothing even your best friend host can do for you.

4.   Become Inseparable from your Friends. Plan to be joined at the hip after you’ve passed the identification checkpoint because that was only a teaser. Most clubs require that you stand in a line for ID check before you even reach the line for nightclub entry. The only way to make sure you and all of your friends successfully get inside is to stay together at all times. Likely, none of the nightclub staff will be willing to wait for your group to assemble, and they will give you the tempting offer to enter immediately if you leave your missing friend(s) behind. So, make sure that friend with the overactive bladder toughens up and pays a trip to the restroom before the line-waiting process begins.


5.   Conserve Your Energy – the Night is Young. The hard part is over, now all you must do is wait. This simple, yet grueling process isn’t so bad when you’re prepared. For this reason, why not make it as comfortable as possible? Ladies, let me be a lifesaver and suggest that you and at least a couple of friends carry handbags large enough to hold all of your heels, yes, heels. Bring a pair of flats in addition to your heels to wear while waiting. Unless you’re a trooper, you’ll thank me later because you may be waiting in line for what seems like ages, depending on the DJ. Don’t wear your legs and feet out for nothing. Then, once you’re close to the finish line, you all can chip in to keep the handbag(s) with your flats in coat check. It’s worth it to eliminate the worry about not being able to survive in stilettos the entire night.

INSIDER TIP: Forget your big bag? Leave your flats at home? In one of the most brilliant Vegas innovations ever, you can now buy ballerina flats from a vending machine. For $10, this machine can literally save your night. It even takes credit cards! But it can’t call you a cab home…yet.


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