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I'm Simone. I came to Vegas a decade ago to attend UNLV, and I've seen Vegas from every angle. After college, I worked as a bartender and cocktail waitress at several venues on the Strip, giving me a behind-the-scenes perspective on the industry. I still love to go out with my girls, but when I do, it's on my terms. I don't wait in line, don't wait for drinks, and don't tolerate any scene bullsh*t.

My Vegas insider friends and I will tell you what to wear to a Vegas club, how much you’ll spend at a Vegas club, and which Vegas clubs, bars and lounges are worth your time and money on your next trip to Sin City.  Our Insiders can even help you skip the line or reserve bottle service at some of the most popular venues in Las Vegas, like XS, Marquee, Hakkasan and Tao. Velvet Rope Insider cuts through all the hype and marketing with personalized experiences that will let you have the Vegas of your life without the hassle.